Cirque, published in Anchorage, Alaska, is a journal created to share the best writing of the North Pacific Rim with the rest of the world. Cirque published twice yearly – summer and winter. The deadlines are on the summer and winter equinoxes – March 21, and September 21. Cirque submissions cover a wide range of topics and are not restricted to a regional theme or setting.

Cirque is an independent journal staffed by volunteers. We are funded by donations, ads, sales of single issues and subscriptions. Your support keeps Cirque in print.

Cirque invites emerging and established writers living in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, Yukon Territory, Alberta, British Columbia and Chukotka—to submit short stories, poems, creative nonfiction, translations, plays, book reviews, interviews, photographs, and artwork for the next issue.

Deadlines are three months to the day before the summer and winter solstices.


Eligibility: you were born in, or are currently residing in, or have previously lived for a period of not less than 5 years in the aforementioned North Pacific Rim region.

Poems: 4 poems MAX
Fiction, Nonfiction, Plays: 12 pages (double-spaced) MAX
Artwork and Photography: 10 images MAX, in the highest resolution possible; images will likely be between 2 and 10mb each. If you do not submit full-size photo files at time of submission, we will respond with an email reminder. No undersize images or thumbnails will be eligible for publication.
Bio: 100 words MAX.

Replies average two to three months, and we don’t mind you checking with us about your submissions.

New – We are now using Submittable to manage all online submissions.
To submit writing or images go to

Correspondence email is: [email protected]