Fish the Dead Water Hard
May the Owl Call Again: A Return to Poet John Meade Haines, 1924-2011
Gerald Cable book of poetry
A Variable Sense of Things by Ron McFarland
Crossing the Burnside Bridge
The Woman Within by Tami Phelps
Yosemite Dawning by Shauna Potocky
Between Promise and Sadness by Joanne Townsend
Book Cover:
Salt & Roses
Book Cover:
Silty Water People by Vivian Faith Prescott
November Reconsidered
Lily is Leaving
Book Cover:
Cartography of Water by Mike Burwell
Defiance Street
Echolocation by Kristin Berger
Apportioning the Light
Book Cover:
Athabaskan Fractal
Holy Ghost Town by Tim Sherry