“Building community is so important, especially at this time. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to publish with Cirque. You do so much more than publish books. You support your authors individually and collectively and work hard to create connection.”


 “It was a joy working with the folks at Cirque Press. From manuscript submission to actually holding the book in my hand took less than nine months. Mike was an excellent close reader who helped me make tough decisions; Sandy was a supportive collaborator who encouraged me to follow my instincts at every step. Their designer for my book, Emily Tallman, beautifully solved all the challenges I presented her with. I still can’t believe that Alaska is lucky enough to have an independent press this good in our far neck of the woods.”


Gerald Cable book of poetry
Book Cover:
A Variable Sense of Things by Ron McFarland
May the Owl Call Again: A Return to Poet John Meade Haines, 1924-2011
Infinite Meditations by Scott Hanson
Crossing the Burnside Bridge
Book Cover:
Mail Order Nurse by Sue Lium
All in Due Time by Kate Troll
The Woman Within by Tami Phelps
In the Winter of the Orange Snow
Yosemite Dawning by Shauna Potocky
Miss Bebe Comes to America
Between Promise and Sadness by Joanne Townsend
Transplanted by Birgit Lennertz Sarrimanolis
Sky Changes on the Kuskokwim
Book Cover:
Nothing Got Broke
Kettle Dance by Kerry Dean Feldman
Book Cover:
Salt & Roses
Miss Tami, Is Today Tomorrow?
Fish the Dead Water Hard
Out There in the Out There
Someday I'll Miss This Place Too
Callie Comes of Age
One Headlight by Matt Caprioli
November Reconsidered
Baby Abe
Lily is Leaving
The Fox Boy
Book Cover:
Book Cover:
The Way to Gaamaack Cove
Loggers Don't Make Love
Life Revised by Leah Stenson
Silty Water People by Vivian Faith Prescott
Wide Open Eyes by Paul Haeder
Drunk On Love Cover
Holy Ghost Town by Tim Sherry
Athabaskan Fractal
Like Painted Kites & Collected Works
Echolocation by Kristin Berger
Book Cover:
Apportioning the Light
Defiance Street
Cartography of Water by Mike Burwell
Oasis Earth