The Woman Within: Memory as Muse by Tami Phelps & Kerry Dean Feldman

The Woman Within by Tami Phelps
Editions:Paperback: $ 22.00
ISBN: 979-8889923206
Size: 8.50 x 11.00 in
Pages: 124
Hardcover: $ 33.82
ISBN: 979-8888956403
Size: 8.25 x 11.00 in
Pages: 124

An edgy collaboration of the heart, The Woman Within: Memory as Muse, brings the paintings of Anchorage artist Tami Phelps into the expressive realm of her writer-anthropologist husband, Kerry Dean Feldman, who does not disappoint as he embraces them in verse about respect due to women. Presented daringly in varied configurations, they challenge or confirm ideas of gender and destiny. The art works surprise and delightfully confound. The sections that follow include Phelps’s collaboration with renowned fine art photographer Richard J. Murphy.

"The Woman Within: Memory as Muse, is a treasure. A collaboration of unique talent that sends creative and thoughtful ripples through the pond."

—Douglas Mehrens, founder of the Museum of Encaustic Art, Encaustic Art Institute, and Encaustic Arts Magazine

"The authors deftly invite us to a place of calm reflection in which diversity, respectfulness, and choice are honored."

—Sheary Clough Suiter, visual artist and educator

"This book is a visually charming memoir-cum-paeon to the feminine by artist Tami Phelps, her husband poet Kerry Dean Feldman, and photographer Richard J. Murphy."

—David McElroy, author of Water the Rocks Make, University of Alaska Press

Publisher: Sandra Kleven
Imprint: Cirque Press

Cirque Press Authors — Tami Phelps and Kerry Dean Feldman

Tami Phelps arrived in Alaska in 1970. She attended college and Montessori education in Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, and Washington, receiving her B.Ed. degree from University of Alaska Anchorage. Her art is on the cover of Drunk on Love: Twelve Stories to Savor Responsibly (Cirque Press, 2019, by Kerry Dean Feldman), and twice on the covers of Cirque: A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim (Vol.8, No.2 and Vol.12, No.1). She is co-author with Kerry Dean Feldman of Miss Tami Is Today Tomorrow? Kindergarten in Alaska: Stories for Grown-Ups (Cirque Press, 2021), illustrated by Tammy Murray.

Visit her website at this link.

Kerry Dean Feldman is currently a professor emeritus in anthropology at the University of Alaska Anchorage after a four-decade career (PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder). Five Star/Gale (Maine) published his historical western novel, Alice’s Trading Post: A Novel of the West (2022). Cirque Press published several poems in Cirque journal, his short story collection, Drunk on Love; Twelve Stories to Savor Responsibly (2019), and his noir murder mystery set in Montana, Kettle Dance: Murder in the Big Sky (2022).