The Lure of Impermanence: Poems by Carey Taylor

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ISBN: 978-1722669041
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With a deft touch, Carey Taylor's poems acknowledge all that drifts to dust as well as the lure of possibility in every new start. Firmly rooted in the road of observation these poems merge onto a highway we all must travel—towards the fleeing nature of all things.

"Carey Taylor's The Lure of Impermanence embraces many subjects, from tending orchards and heirloom roses, to leaving home in a white Ford Falcon, to imaginative explorations of Sylvia Plath and infrared astronomy. These poems, firmly rooted in the Pacific Northwest, flow with clearly defined imagistic lines and understatement. The use of well-timed pauses—using caesuras, line breaks, and the white space of the page—offer the reader time to breathe and muse. Intertwining images with the sounds of language itself, Taylor creates a haunting layering of experience and emotion, allowing the reader to swim, "...Then scan swirl of tied in that vast marine,/ Beg briny air to blow us back to green." (from "Swimming Laps (And Because You Loved Sonnets)"). I'm grateful for the immersion this book offers."

—Christianne Balk, author of The Holding Hours

"Carey Taylor's The Lure of Impermanence, is an impressive debut collection of poetry that deeply satisfies the ear and the mind: there is a welcomed preciseness in the crisp language, a choice selection of sharp images, a subtle ever-present musicality. There is an obvious love of storytelling. Even in the shortest poem in the book, "Not Another Morning," from the title to the closing line the implied lonesome story is told in thirty well-chosen words: "Not Another Morning//A white cup./A silver kettle./Ablack crow.//A thick heart./A crust of bread. A blue toe.//A mossy bed./Track of bear./The sun low." There is power in the understatement. Such masterful simplicity is never easy. Taylor brings an aesthetic refinement—a clarity to the dim light and darkness and glare of the world in which we live."

—Gary Copeland Lilley, author of The Bushman's Medicine Show

"Reading Carey Taylor's poetry is like walking the beach with a friend who pays attention to everything—the weather, water, rocks, shells, and shore-life—and enriches your experience of the once familiar with her unique insight, images, and inviting leaps of language. Surprising and delightful. Reach for The Lure of Impermanence and you'll relish a new friendship.'

—Cathy Warner, author of Burnt Offerings

Publisher: Sandra Kleven

Cirque Press Author — Carey Taylor

Carey Taylor
Carey Taylor

Carey Taylor was born in Bandon, Oregon and has lived her entire life not the western edges of Oregon and Washington. Her work has appeared in regional, national and international publications and she was a Pushcart Price nominee in 2015. She received a Master of Arts degree from Pacific Lutheran University and a Bachelor's Degree from Linfield College.

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