Like Painted Kites & Collected Works by Clifton Bates

Like Painted Kites & Collected Works
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"Whether the journey is to Southeast Asia, Southwest Alaska, or into the depths of the human heart, Clif Bates has a knack for illuminating the exotic within the ordinary. Celebrating our shared humanity, this engaging collection of poetry and prose will have you begging for more."

—Deb Vanasse, author of Cold Spell and Wealth Woman

Like Painted Kites & Collected Works by Clifton Bates draws on material from Asia, Alaska and elsewhere. Bates offers a journey into tensions and acceptance across cultures. The collection is set off by marvelous artwork that indeed paints the kite canvas that oversees the anthology. It’s reading to be enjoyed sitting in your favorite chair or under a tree outside or perhaps in a foreign cafe or bar. Take it slow. It’s not a dogsled race. It’s like a slice of pie. Take one bite at a time.

—Jerry McDonnell, writer, actor, educator

Like painted kites in flight, this book offers tales in many colors and forms: poetry, personal essay, fiction, and script. In Part I, Bates reflects on odd sights, experiences and characters in Thailand, Macau, and Hong Kong, including a caged bear with a mystic's eyes; an aged monk; a jazz pianist; a broken-hearted woman. In Part II, Bates writes of Bush Alaska where fictional yet true-to-life vignettes portray Yup'ik Kim-Boy, a local "everyman," from a teen through old age. Even readers unfamiliar with Native Alaskan villages or Yup'ik culture will sense the scenery, smells, cold, and isolation, as well as feel Kim-boy's closeness, understand his alcohol abuse, and rejoice in who he becomes when he overcomes it."

—Gretchen Phelps, author of The Fox Boy

Publisher: Sandra Kleven

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Clifton Bates
Clifton Bates

Clifton Bates was born in Seattle. He went to work at fourteen and continued with various labor type jobs for many years in order to eventually make his way through the University of Washington, achieving a B.A. in Art, a B.A. in English, a teaching and an administrative certificate, and a master's degree in language arts education with an emphasis on cross-cultural education.

He moved to Alaska in 1977 and for the next thirty-five years, was involved in Alaska Native education as a teacher, school district administrator, and university professor.

With the Very Rev. Dr. Michael Oleksa, he co-authored Conflicting Landscapes, American Schooling/Alaska Natives. This text remains the definitive resource for educators working with Alaska Native students.

He wrote and produced with Alaska Public Television, KYUK, "Somebody's Taking Pictures", an historical documentary aired statewide and dedicated to the people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

His book Like Painted Kites & Collected Works contains stories, poetry, drama, essays, and drawings (mostly concerning Asia and Alaska), all of which have been published in various venues in Alaska, the US, as well as England, France, Malaysia, and Germany.

He currently resides in Chugiak, Alaska and is working on his third book about the Kuskokwim area in Alaska.