Drunk on Love: Twelve Stories to Savor Responsibly by Kerry Dean Feldman

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ISBN: 978-1087219783
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Pages: 156

“An offbeat Tom Robbins-esque romp that stands tiptoe on the brink of erotica and oozes with sexual energy and honesty that will skip your heart, cause a belly laugh, and have you ponder exactly what the fairy dust of love-lust is really all about. Throw in a little mystery, raw hunger, irony, friendship, eggs and toast, God Angst -- you name it, and you’ve got a quirky book that will charm the pants off any heretofore reader, frigid or non.”

—Monica Devine, author of Water Mask

“For the characters that haunt this provocative collection of stories and poems, Love is their god, its pursuit their religion. They do so with reverence, abandon, and, best of all, with humor. Prayers are answered, as prayers often are, in most unusual ways. Hopes are dashed, with cruelty, and with kindness. Feldman offers a tasty platter of tales of arousal, lust, longing, loss -- sprinkled, from time to time, with a good belly laugh."

—Don Stull, coauthor of Slaughterhouse Blues

“There is not only sex and beauty in Feldman’s Drunk on Love, but trouble and plenty of it. Young love grows old and disenchanted, romance merges with cruelty, and people change and then change again. The characters in these beautifully crafted stories are both familiar and surprising, and for all the hard-won wisdom within these pages, Feldman could very well have titled the collection Drunk on Life.”

—Martha Amore, author of In the Quiet Season and Other Stories

”Through an anthropologist’s eye (and heart) Kerry Dean Feldman offers us vivid stories of love, whatever that might mean in these postmodern times. We find more laughter than tears here and a proper dose of sensitivity and tenderness, and that’s how it should be. Feldman writes intelligently and compassionately, as well as passionately. We even encounter a delightful first kiss along the way.”

—Ron McFarland, author of The Rockies in First Person: A Critical Study of Recent American Memoirs from the Region

Publisher: Sandra Kleven

Cirque Press Author — Kerry Dean Feldman

Kerry Dean Feldman
Kerry Dean Feldman

Kerry Dean Feldman is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Alaska Anchorage. With this short story collection, Feldman offers his first collection of fiction.