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Akers, Deborahfeast 11(1)82
Allen, Lutherdeer hunter9(2)19
Amlie, Kari NielsenChristmas in Patagonia10(1)57
Amlie, Kari Nielsen10-Minute Lunch Break Poem10(1)57
Amore, MarthaWinterkill10(1)19
Anderson, JeanShadow Play: Writing Introspective Fiction in an Action-Oriented Land10(1)38
Anjum, ShehlaSolastalgia in a Time of Disquiet11(1)31
Appel, Alexandra EllenVision Cycle9(2)19
Appel, Alexandra EllenCorrection, American Dream 11(1)82
Appignani, JulienSlattery’s, Capel Street, 199910(1)23
Averill, DianeAfter World War II10(1)58


Baalke, JohnTricked Out of Meaning9(1)74
Baalke, JohnInterior Scene9(2)20
Bacon, ThomasA Massage in Tofino9(2)20
Baker, Joshua H.The Secret Language of Leaves9(1)74
Baldwin, LynSeabound11(1)33
Balk, ChristianneMoon Foal9(2)21
Balk, ChristianneHolding Teo10(2)53
Ball, RaySubjunctive9(1)75
Ball, RayFlying Fox9(2)23
Ball, RaySmall Stones (Cento) 10(2)53
Ballard, ChaunMy Father as Daedalus10(1)59
Ballard, TaraA History9(2)22
Banks, ScottThe Muse Stays Home9(1)75
Banks, SusanBitter Lonely Souls Welcome9(1)39
Barnes, TimBuckskin Boy10(2)54
Barnett, GabrielleGetaway Weekend #17 (1985)9(2)23
Barnett, GabrielleGroundwork (after a few lines from Joan Kane)10(2)54
Barrett, CarolButton Hutch9(1)76
Barrett, CarolSeascape10(1)60
Barrington, JudithFrom BRINE9(1)76
Barrington, JudithThe Dyke With No Name Thinks About Death9(2)24
Barrington, JudithAtlantic10(1)44
Barton, RachelLong Stint in King Salmon10(1)61
Baskin, AmyTaking off Billy Collins’ Clothes9(2)25
Bates, CliftonA Dayspring9(2)108
Bates, CliftonJax11(1)54
BeDo, DrueWolf Country11(1)83
Begich, ThomasAn Arc9(2)26
Bennett, Toni La ReeLeave No Crumbs10(2)55
Bernes, L.V.Dear Ms. Angelou11(1)84
Bharda, RobertImogene Silva9(1)77
Biechner, BarryFull Cowboy10(1)61
Biggar, SallyReady To Fall9(1)78
Bolen, StephenMarkings10(1)62
Bonazzoli, Nancy DiamanteSkin-Touch of Love11(1)85
Bongi, JustinHow to Be Tender Again11(1)38
Boratino, KristinaResurrection Bay10(2)55
Boratino, KristinaRainbow Brite11(1)55
Boratino, KristinaI Am the Beauty in Every Foreign Land11(1)86
Borell, MarilynSmoking the Poem9(2)26
Bossche, Karen VandeI’ve Smoked9(1)79
Bossche, Karen VandeDying in February9(2)73
Bradley, NicholasHorace, Epistles I.II.2710(2)56
Branch, Dan49 Writers’ Alaskan Writers Series: Clifton Bates11(1)122
Brendan-Brown, SeanQuitting AA9(2)110
Bursch, MaggieCommercial9(2)27


C.W. BuckleyHe Leaves The Way His Grandparents Came11(1)56
Calkin, Abigail B. April in America, 199510(1)63
Calkin, Abigail B. Trolling for Words11(1)88
Campbell, JackUnmitigated Fear9(2)28
Campbell, S. W. Man of the House11(1)55
Campbell, S.W.An Apple A Day10(1)27
Campbell, S.W.Simple Syrup10(2)128
Campbell, Tara L. The Void Left from Protecting the Environment9(2)79
Capra, DougLetters9(1)110
Caprioli, MatthewThe Hat You Save May Be Your Own9(2)112
Carns, Teri WhiteHalibut on Land’s End Beach10(2)56
Cavalli, VicThey Never Forgot Him9(2)114
Chandonnet, AnnA Review of You Are No Longer in Trouble by Nicole Stellon O’Donnell10(2)49
Chase-Foster, SusanI Will Send You A Caribou9(2)28
Chase-Foster, SusanWalking with Crow Along South Park Drive11(1)90
Cherry, JessicaA review of Human Being Songs: Northern Stories, by Jean Anderson9(2)139
Christianson, KerstenThe Longest Night9(1)79
Christianson, KerstenStjerne9(2)29
Christianson, KerstenHygge and Sisu in 3 Parts10(1)65
Christianson, KerstenOf Alderaan10(2)57
Chula, MargaretOn the Slopes of Ch’an Mountain10(1)66
Claar, NardBlue Wheelbarrow10(1)66
Claro, Nicholas John-FrancisHotel9(1)42
Colburn, DonEarly Winter In The Methow Valley11(1)92
Conroy, LindaAnother Dream of Going Back to Work10(2)57
Corson, Diane He Lays Down the Poker9(1)80
Corson, Diane Hood Canal9(1)80
Corson, Diane The Smallness of Time9(2)29
Crane, MaryEncounters at the Edge of the Continent10(2)58
Crane, Mary ElizaSiberia Reflected11(1)92
Creed, Tiffany RosamondWindow Seat, 15310(1)67


Dagris, DanielDirtlings11(1)57
Dahl, ChrisThey Took10(2)59
Daniel, LorneGrace9(1)81
David, LinPantoum for Pulse Orlando10(1)67
Davidson, ScottDiffusion10(2)60
Demir, AslanLOSS10(2)101
DeMoville, Kemuel“the capacity or power to do work is not a magical cloud of consciousness”10(1)68
DeMoville, KemuelShit Maybe Sh;t10(2)152
Dennard, NoelleLahu TV10(2)60
Derry, AliceAt the Bird Refuge11(1)58
Derry, AliceThe Genesis of Life Lay Deep and Anticipant Under the Sky, 1944 (Morris Graves)11(1)93
Derry, AliceAt the Bird Refuge11(1)94
DeSloover, DianeThere Was Once a Glacier11(1)94
Devine, MonicaMission of Motherhood9(2)83
Dieffenbacher, SteveBefore Eros9(2)30
Dieffenbacher, SteveBivalve10(2)61
Diemer, GretchenNotes From the Tour Guide: Seychelles Islands9(2)31
Dixon, PatrickWeather Systems9(1)81
Donovan, D.A Review of Rick Steiner’s Oasis Earth: Planet in Peril Cirque Press, Anchorage, AK, 202011(1)133
Douthat, CarolNo Problem9(2)32
Doyal, Alaynathe sign of the crossing of legs10(1)68
Dribben, AngelaGood whiskey burns10(1)69
Duncan, JudithGathering Eggs10(1)69
Duncan, JudithStar Blizzard11(1)95
Dunham, MichaelRock Piles Along the Eddy by Ishmael Hope9(1)136


Eberhart, KatieUunartoq Island, Where the Vikings Soaked10(2)61
Ellis, KathyHappy Valley9(1)47
Ervine, GeneFruitland Valley Memories9(1)82


Fagen, RobertMilkweed Field10(1)70
Falsetti, LauraMonterey9(2)32
Fearnside, JeffBright Tapestry9(2)33
Feldman, Kerry DeanRules of Thumb Among the Amazon10(2)132
Fewster, DavidJesse Bernstein At The 2017 Cascadia Poetry Festival, Tacoma, WA9(2)33
Fia, JampolskyNight9(1)87
Flaherty, BarbaraThe Seduction of Walrus10(1)70
Fogle, Leone MikeleJulia Pastrana: female oddity laid to rest in Sinaloa9(1)82
Ford, LindaOpening Eyes–Paul Haeder’s Stories of the Vietnam Legacy in America (A Review of Paul Haeder’s Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing From Vietnam Cirque Press, Anchorage, AK 2020) 11(1)127
Fried, LeslieMy Man9(1)85
Fried, LeslieSon I wish9(2)34


Gallo-Brown, AlexThe Organizer9(1)51
Garrett, YvonneAn Interview with Clifton Bates (Sapling’s Five Questions for Emerging Writers)11(1)125
Goldhaber, F.I.Dear Facebook10(2)63
Gonzáles, Alfredo OcaranzaReflections on the American Dream, an ekphrastic sequence10(2)64
Grabel, LeanneMimcry10(2)65
Green, EmilyCollection of Short Fiction Relives Memories of Vietnam and its American War: Author Paul K. Haeder discusses his new book, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing From Vietnam11(1)129


Hackbarth, Andrea L. Almost Spring10(1)71
Hackbarth, Andrea L. the morning after10(1)71
Haeder, Paula RIVER runs through thirteen reservations… echoes of the beginning of cold war9(1)86
Haeder, PaulBlood Sheets9(2)115
Haeder, PaulOn the First Nuclear Disaster of the 21st Century – Poets Sing the Body Nuclear10(2)39
Haeder, PaulBird Stamp11(1)61
Haeder, Paul K.Lost Spirits of the Lake Where a Mother Found the Face of a Mountain10(1)28
Haeder, Paul K.Desperately Seeking Inebriated Inspiration: A Review of Last Call: The Anthology of Beer, Wine & Spirits10(1)121
Haeder, Paul K.At the Brink of Extinction on the Coast Near the Salmon River10(2)104
Halas, GabrielaFrancis9(2)34
Hall, River E. Never Steal from Wolves10(2)66
Hamilton, AndrewSamaritan10(2)67
Hanlen, JimRemember Thanksgiving9(1)85
Hanlen, JimCreek Breath9(2)35
Hanlen, JimBack of America10(1)72
Hanlen, JimRoad House Guest Book10(2)69
Hartley, BethCuyaraq9(2)35
Hartley, Beth“Jesusita en Chihuahua” (a Mexican polka) 10(2)69
Hartley, BethToilets Around the World: An Incidental Traveler’s View10(2)118
Hartley, BethShadow Play11(1)119
Helfgott, Esther AltshulMarriage9(2)36
Helfgott, Esther AltshulAbe’s Red Suspenders10(1)72
Hickel, RyanHunza: A Novella, Chapter One10(2)137
Hodde, S.C.Sleight9(2)36
Hodges, Catherine AbbeyTo Suture the Impossible Review of to cleave by Barbara Rockman University of New Mexico Press, 2019 Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series11(1)135
Holleman, MarybethTravels with Thomas: Kathleen Witkowska Tarr on the Maverick Monk and the Modern Contemplative10(1)103
Holroyd, BranwynPam Houston says, you have to be your own cowboy10(2)70
Holroyd, BranwynImagine it is possible to remain10(2)71
Hosking, SandraAsk9(2)131
hutton, paint.9(2)87


Isto, SarahVernal Equinox, 63° North, 73rd Birthday9(1)87
Isto, SarahCommon Name: Camp Robber9(2)37
Isto, SarahYear Without Winter10(1)73
Isto, SarahAgain to the Winter Cabin, Anniversary Poem10(2)72


Jacques, RobHangar on the Wharf9(2)38
Jacques, RobTsimshian Carver (for Dale Horne)11(1)95
Janssen, MarcWillamette August, San Salvador Park11(1)96
Johnson, Eric GordonMomentary Birds10(2)73
Johnson, JuleenMarch Arrives As A Lion9(2)39
Johnson, SusanIodine9(1)88
Johnson, SusanAlong Scatter Creek10(1)73
Johnson, SusanOne Moment (after Denise Levertov)11(1)97
Johnston, Amy Dark Energy11(1)44
Jones, KarenRaven11(1)97
Jones, KarenPacific Yew11(1)98
Jung, DesiréeReconciliation10(1)74


Kashi, JoeDeep Winter9(2)39
Kenny, MickeyRaised in Redoubt9(2)40
Kessler, AureliaMagpie10(1)75
Kinney, KathleenRaspberries11(1)99
Kirshbaum, AnyaLessons in Gravity9(1)89
kjmunrothe book on the shelf10(1)83
Klauder, Kaija Feeling for the Sky11(1)98
Kleinberg, J.I.Memory of Rain9(2)41
Kleinberg, J.I.The Lure of Impermanence, by Carey Taylor10(1)119
Kleven,, SandraFree and Open to the Public — An Interview with Rachel Epstein10(2)29
Knoll, TriciaWindfire Smoke From The North9(1)90
Kooistra, JohnReturning to Alaska9(2)41
Kramer, ArianaDigging Up a Fin Whale10(2)73
Kunkel, MaryCowboys and Kittens9(2)123


Landrum, ElizabethOne Knee Down In The River9(2)42
Laws, ShannonFour Minus Three10(2)74
le Fatte, EricRevolution9(2)44
le Fatte, EricChief Joseph Pine10(1)76
le Fatte, EricA Wedding by the Garden10(2)75
Leach, Yvonne HigginsThere Is Always The Moment When The Child Is Lost9(2)43
Leavens, AlexThe Vulture and the Bear9(1)90
Leavens, AlexMadie DeGraw9(2)44
Leavens, AlexThe Crows that Live Across the Street from My Mom10(1)76
Lenox, KellyExtinction10(2)75
Lenox, KellyVagabond Duck11(1)100
Lenox, KellyWisdom Said11(1)100
Lethin, Judith W.Dogdinh’ Lippity-Lippity Not Very Fast9(2)88
Levine, SherriGold Star11(1)101
Levine, SherriWhen I Wouldn’t Eat My Disgusting Liver11(1)101
Lombard, Rosemary DouglasJohn Tennent’s “Curlews”: The Mystery of the Bills9(2)45
Ludwin, PeterThe Worm that Inches through Sleep9(1)91
Ludwin, PeterLinc’s9(2)45
Ludwin, PeterCollage10(1)77
Luz, Jordanshi-shi on da bachroom floor9(2)46
Luz, JordanOrientation10(1)45
Lyon, DorothyLetter Never Sent: 19549(1)92
Lyons, ShawnSea Birds10(1)78


Mackie, AdamTotal Eclipse9(1)93
Mackie, AdamA Life with Wind9(2)47
Mackie, AdamA Travel Sonnet11(1)102
MacMichael, KilmenyThe ‘F’ Word10(1)79
Maldonado, CarmenIdle, believe me, is my brain9(2)48
Marcus, RuthApple10(1)79
Markel, AdrianMidwinter11(1)70
Martin, LindaJoining the Chamber of Commerce10(2)76
Martin, TerryChemo, Month Four9(1)93
Martin, TerryTreatment9(2)52
Martin, TerryRe-mission10(1)80
Mattes, MichaelGinny’s World11(1)73
Mavys, TempseteThe Well of Mercy10(2)77
McCallum, VictoriaI Live in a Boxcar9(1)94
McDowell, Sean H. Between Two Rivers in Galway9(2)52
McElroy, DavidChemo, Month Four9(1)95
McElroy, DavidRiver Running9(2)53
McElroy, DavidArs Poetica10(1)80
McElroy, DavidNo Trout10(2)77
McElroy, DavidWidower11(1)102
McFarland, GerryA Review of In the Presence of Absence by Richard Widerkehr10(2)51
McFarland, RonHeritage10(2)78
McFarland, RonThe Professor’s Door11(1)76
McFarland, RonPoetry Fire Destroys Home11(1)103
McFarland, RonThe Raccoon11(1)103
McKay, JohnSunday Mornings With Gary9(2)102
McPherson, KarenAir Quality Advisory9(1)95
McRae, BruceOutpost9(1)96
Medicine-Walker, RainbowConversations With A Medicine Woman9(1)96
Mehta, JessicamURDERED & mISSING iNDIGENOUS wOMEN*10(2)79
Mericle, CarolynYellow Birch10(2)80
Merrifield, Karla LinnReinvention Iterations9(2)53
Merrifield, Karla LinnCrossing Hecate Strait10(1)82
Merrifield, Karla LinnPsalm of Mist10(1)82
Merrifield, Karla LinnAleutian Summer Solstice10(2)81
Miller, KevinEveryone Looks Like Someone You Know9(2)54
Minkert, JesseEnthusiasts9(1)97
Minkert, JessePaso Doble10(2)81
Mom, CindyA review of How Light Reaches Us, by Kristin Berger9(2)141
Monroe, CynthiaFather9(2)55
Morgan, JohnMt. Rusty Cars10(1)83
Morgan, JohnEvery Atom, by Erin Coughlin Hollowell10(1)120
Morse, Rebecca D. Fur Coat9(2)56
Mouracade, SarahTunneling Through9(1)17


Narrin, ZsananTracking a Shadow11(1)104
Nelson, LinneaSmoking the Lucky10(1)84
Noland, JohnCougar Pause10(2)82
Norgrove, RyleighThe Individual10(1)48


Orr, LeonardMissing Person10(2)83


Palmer, Carl “Papa”Celebrity Celibacy9(2)57
Parker, BruceFragmentation9(2)58
Parker, BruceWine Dream10(2)84
Paul WillisPoems by Flashlight9(2)77
Perry, K.M.And per se And9(2)58
Perry, K.M.I Was Raped Yesterday10(1)50
Persun, TerryMagic11(1)104
Petersen, PaulannFirst Task10(1)84
Petersen, PaulannOnce a Laureate10(2)47
Peterson, MaxSpring Green9(1)98
Pilgrim, TimBeginning of Forgetting9(1)98
Pilgrim, TimothyIntensely dead10(1)85
Pilgrim, TimothyWash your hands11(1)105
Pope, DougDispatch From Hope9(1)21
Popperl, VivienneAsylum seekers, newly arrived in Skala village on the Greek island of Lesbos10(2)84
Post, KenWalking Out10(1)32
Prescott, Vivian FaithVulnerability Assessment9(2)59
Prescott, Vivian FaithA review of Apportioning the Light, by Karen A. Tschannen9(2)137
Purevsuren, Amy CrawfordA Picnic of Honni Mahk – Sheep Meat9(2)60


Raphael, TimJoshua Tree9(2)61
Ray, BrendaThe Most Beautiful Thing10(1)52
Ray, DianeStill Life9(1)99
Ray, DianeA Woman’s Dream9(2)62
Ray, DianeGreen Lake Suite10(2)85
Reichman, EllenTiny Thing10(2)124
Rich, SusanLearning the World9(2)63
Robertia, JosephMolochs Indeed9(2)93
Roberts, Matthew CampbellThe Big Hole9(2)63
Rockman, Barbara Departing a Long Retreat in the Great Basin9(1)100
Roe, KJRoad Trippin’ 9(1)23
Rogow, ZackLegaces9(1)99
Romanda, DavidSuggestion Box11(1)105
Roos, TimothyTracks9(2)64
Roos, TimothyStraw10(1)85
Rowell, JesseProblem Breathes Down10(2)85
Rubin, Janice D.Freight Train, Eugene to Portland9(2)64
Rupnarain, Malaferry wait at langdale10(2)86


Saadlou, SiavashDe – part – ure10(2)86
Salsman, RebeccaChoctaw Women Set Apart10(2)87
Salzmann, KatharineKatherine Salzmann talks with Kristin Berger over Italian coffee and cannoli about Berger’s new collection from Cirque Press, Echolocation10(1)112
Sanford, MatthewShe Wore Paths Through Me10(2)88
Sarrocco, VinnieRegulars10(2)88
Savishinsky, JoelWe Are Not Welcome Everywhere10(1)86
Savishinsky, JoelSales10(1)87
Schandelmeier, LindaNo One Asks About The Bridge9(1)101
Schettkoe, PeterThe Day I Met Kim Stafford and He Challenged Me to Write a Really Long Title — That Was My Takeaway10(2)89
Schwartz, HarveyZen Rules the Road9(1)24
Scott, Connie WasemThe Light Went Out Before It Was Lit11(1)106
Sellman, TamaraKanab10(1)88
Sexton, TomSea Street10(1)89
Sexton, TomFall Equinox10(1)89
Sexton, TomSpaceX’s Dragon Prepares to Launch11(1)106
Sformo, ToddFray9(2)95
Shackleton, PhilipThe Heroine of my Disorder wants to find the better Virgin of Me10(1)90
Shepherd, KarenGrandparents10(1)92
Sherwonit, BillGreen Man9(1) 28
Sherwonit, BillFinding a Community that Embraces Religion & Science– and Other Ways of Knowing9(2)96
Sibert, KitThe buzz around me11(1)107
Siegel, ScotEmpathy9(2)65
Simons, Suzannefirst color pictures from another planet, 196510(2)90
Simpson, EugenieIntersection9(1)101
Simpson, EugenieLast Stop9(2)65
Skillman, JudithGutturalsl9(2)66
Skousen, AlexNihil/Void10(1)92
Slonaker, LarryNo More, Ever10(2)141
Smallwood, CarolAn Interview with Judith Skillman11(1)136
Smith, CraigMy Word Jail11(1)108
Smith, KathleenJolly Mountain Smoke9(1)102
Smith, KathleenMontana Wedding9(2)66
Smith, KathleenMoose10(1)93
Smith, KathleenConsider the Blue Jay11(1)108
Smith, RonaldWolverine and Bears11(1)46
Smolen, RebeccaEmerge11(1)109
Soifer, CarmiWhiteout11(1)109
Soriano, JenThe Vigil for Omelas9(2)67
Spartz, Mary LouGoing, Going, Gone11(1)110
Speier-Brito, MakaniNight Crawlers10(1)93
Springsteed, JeremySeattle10(1)94
Stadig, CherylCider from the Old Orchard9(1)102
Stadig, CherylIf9(2)68
Stallings, DavidWhat the Bowl Says9(1)103
Stammen, Kimm BrockettAzures10(2)146
Stancik, Kathleento children who never call9(1)103
Stancik, Kathleenwhen she finds her father9(1)103
Stancik, Kathleenwildfire9(2)68
Stancik, KathleenDry10(1)94
Starbuck, ScottMan and Black Lab by Fire10(2)91
Steele, CynthiaMe Too9(2)103
Steele, CynthiaEl Condor Pasa (If I Could or the Condor Passes)10(2)125
Stenson, LeahMud10(2)91
Stephens, Travis“Twin Disc 514 Transmission”10(1)95
Stokes, RichardLessons9(2)105
Stokes, RichardSeasons11(1)110
Stone, DebPaulann Petesen: A Poet Laureate’s Wide Embrace9(2)136
Straley, JohnLike Water In A Time of Drought: A Review of Emily Wall’s Flame Minerva Rising Press, Tampa, FL, 2019 11(1)139
Strand, Torfrom Redeemed (Part II)10(2)92
Sunde, CarolHigh Desert Wetlands10(2)93
Sunderland, MercuryMy Skin is Covered with a Thin Layer of Peanut Butter10(2)162
Sunderland, Mercury-MarvinOrpheus and Eurydice and the Pica Disorder11(1)114
Sundmark, TeresaNot Buying It9(2)124
Swart, MargaretWhat’s Next?10(1)95


Talley, Mary EllenHigh School Aviary9(2)69
Talley, Mary EllenLunar Maria10(2)93
Taylor, CareyAfter9(1)104
Thielman, JimGod Must Be a Woman9(1)104
Toche, BenjaminCucks Unlimited9(1)56
Todd, HamishThe God Thing, Chapter One10(2)109
Topp, RogerGreen Room11(1)49
Townsend, JoannePortals 20129(2)70
Trail, PepperFire Balloons9(2)71
Tran, GraceHow Dare You Quote Sartre While Eating Chicken Wings10(1)96
Troll, TimWinter9(2)71
Tschannen, KarenFour Poems from her forthcoming book Apportioning the Light9(1)116
Tschannen, Karen“Down, Thou Climbing Sorrow”9(2)72
Turner, HeidiThorn9(1)60
Turner, HeidiEnough Water9(2)125
Turner, HeidiMentor10(1)96
Tyrrell, LucyWaiting for Low Tide10(1)97
Tyrrell, LucyRed dresses10(2)94


Ulman, SeanFollowing Christy: Sean Ulman Interviews Christy Everett9(1)118
Ulman, SeanAn Interview with Poet John Sibley Williams10(2)33


Van Eddy, KatherineHalloween Party in Newark10(1)98


Walker, DanThe New White Guy9(1)34
Wall, EmilySeed9(2)73
Wall, EmilyAt Home in the Poetry World10(1)116
Wall, EmilyAn Orchard of Poems: A Review of Li Bai Rides a Celestial Dolphin Home by Tom Sexton10(1)117
Wanzenried, MichaelTug9(2)74
Waring, MargoShalimar10(2)95
Warnke, AnthonyNot to disappoint9(1)105
Warnke, AnthonyFits9(1)105
Wassilie, SandraDisruptors9(2)74
Wassilie, SandraThe Emissary10(2)95
Weltzien, O. AlanMater Dolorosa10(1)99
Wendt, IngridThe Knowing9(2)75
Wheeler, VandorenImaginary Art Project: Painting10(2)96
Whitsel, TimGraveyard Nurse’s Rime9(1)106
Whitsel, TimA Valentine Revised9(2)76
Whitsel, TimWaterfront11(1)111
Widerker, RichardThe Way Home9(2)76
Widerkher, RichardProphet On Railroad Avenue in Bellingham10(2)96
Williams, DanielAstronomical Poesy9(1)106
Williams, John SibleyAubade with Spent Fireworks9(1)107
Williams, John SibleyLittle Fiefdom10(2)97
Wisniewski, JoshSpring Corridor Opening10(1)100
Wisniewski, JoshKanéisdi Shaa Sutra10(1)100
Woelber, TonjaAvalance9(1)107
Woelber, TonjaMaking Love in Hope, Alaska10(1)101
Woelber, TonjaSeen From The Train: Williston, North Dakota11(1)112
Wong, JennyThe Lightning Demise of 323 Reindeer10(2)97
Woodard, ChristianAnimal Behavior9(1)64
Woodard, ChristianThe Indigestible10(2)98
Woods, NancyPerformance Art9(2)77
Woods, NancyI Would Have Texted You by Now10(2)98


Yarger-Zagal, ItzelStill9(1)108
Yarger-Zagal, ItzelTodavia9(1)108
Yohe, JohnTower Point Lookout Blues, Chorus II10(2)99